Online Dawah and Mobile Apps

shareIslam15 years ago we made some of the first websites for dawah in English. We stayed up all night learning coding and taking classes to build some of the most basic websites- all to…

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Guide US Free TV

Guide US TV

Get Guided with GUIDE US TV Muslims must have our voice in today’s media, a strong and accurate voice in plain English to give the right message of real Islam. Our youth, families and new Muslims must get…

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Guide US TV Kids

Many who have entered or reverted back to Islam struggle to properly understand and balance modern lifestyle with the teachings of Islam. Young adults having the most complex and hardest experiences.

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Recite Quran

ShareIslam project has made the Quran accessible to a wide audience. Allowing anyone to know each and every word or phrase from Quran while reading. How each word in Quran is pronounced…

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Mailing Free Quran

Every month ShareIslam project mails out 100s of Qurans to those interested in learning more about Islam. Now for estimated $5 you have a chance…

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